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Rothco Dog Tag Signal Mirror


Rothco Dog Tag Signal Mirror



This high gloss finish dog tag is made of stainless steel (highly reflective at one side; and mat finish at back).  
Small enough to have everyone in the family wear one around their neck, or fits into a wallet, or bug out bag.  
Signal Mirror, comes with a rubber silencer just like the troops wear.  
Great insurance for all outdoor activities, from hiking, biking, rafting, camping, climbing or doing what comes naturally.   

Material: stainless steel
Dimensions: 53mm long X 29.8mm wide X 1.2mm Thick
Center sighting hole: 3.5 mm, top hole for chain
comes with stainless beaded chain in full length of 65cm and with chained dog tag silencers

Tips on how to use signal mirror.
All you have to do is:
(a) hold the mirror in one hand near your cheek,
(b) extend the other arm forward, palm facing and then form a "V" with your index & middle finger,
(c) then place the target (a helicopter, airplane, ship, etc) in between these two fingers and
(d) reflect the sunlight first onto your arm and then up & down in between the "V" and your rescuers should see it.


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