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Aloe Lip Stick


Aloe Lip Stick



Key ingredients:
Extract of Aloe Vera Leaf, Bees Wax and Jojoba Seed Oil.

Aloe Lips is the ultimate year-round solution to dry, chapped lips. Aloe vera, jojoba and beeswax soothe, smooth and comfort your lips while providing a long-lasting moisture barrier for your precious lips. The soothing power of aloe combined with a perfectly balanced mix of natural ingredients will leave your lips feeling cool, plump and moisturized, while three types of wax lock in moisture and give your lips a stunning gloss. From winter snow to summer sunshine, make sure your lips are prepared for anything the great outdoors has to offer! Powerful, soothing moisture for any season.
Whether you are skiing, sunbathing, or enjoying the outdoors, its compact size makes it convenient to keep on hand.
But this is not all.

The only multipurpose lip balm on the market today!

Can be use very effectively on any skin problems:
bites, small wounds, sores, cuts, scalds, sunburn, itchiness, burns etc.

• soothes, moisturizes and heals chapped lips, cracks on the skin (hands, heels…)
• herpes
• corners, cracks in the lips
• overgrown nails, spikes
• hemorrhoids
• helps insect bites
• breast nipples during breastfeeding
• for babies for scalds (buttocks, behind the ears…)
• dry eczema (if small)
• soothing sore noses from colds
• an ideal helper in emergency situations (eg insect bites, small wounds…)
• vegetarian friendly
• Gluten free, Alcohol free
• natural ingredients, not greasy, sticky or drying like some other common balms.
• there is no distinct flavor or fragranceluten free

Product Dimensions: 67x16 mm  
Net weight of balm: 4,25 g / 0,15 oz
Weight: 12g


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