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Coleman Pocket Compass

7,95 €

Coleman Pocket Compass



The product is exquisitely designed and easy to carry.
Made of engineering plastics, the appearance is exquisite.
The dial is made of plexiglass, the pointer is magnetic and the scale is accurate.
It is a good helper for travel.
Products can also be used as promotional and advertising gifts.

1. Make the actual terrain and the map direction consistent.
2. Find two visible objects on the map.
3. Orient the north arrow's line (or long side) toward one of the targets.
4. Find the circle with the arrow and the pointer (north).
5. Place the north of the map without changing the direction of the circle.
6. The tip of the long side of the north arrow matches the target on the map.
7. When the arrow of the circle and the extension of the magnetic north line draw a straight line.
8. Follow the same method for another goal. The intersection of the two lines is where you are now.

Use the north arrow to find out where to go:
1. Make the line connecting the current position and the destination match the line (long side) of the north arrow.
2. The arrow of the circle is parallel to the magnetic north line (the arrow is on the upper part of the map).
3. Take the north arrow off the map and take it in front of the body.
4. Twist the body until the arrow and the pointer overlap.
5. The direction of the line is overlapped again. This is equal to the target direction of the map.

The north arrow must be placed horizontally. To avoid confusion of the magnetic needle, keep a certain distance from the object containing magnetism. The reference data is as follows:
1. From the wire mesh > 10 meters;
2, from the high voltage line > 55 meters;
3, from the car or aircraft > 20 meters;
4, away from objects containing strong magnetic, such as various magnets, external magnetic speakers > 10 meters;
5. Objects that are weaker than magnetic, such as magnetic snaps, etc. >0.5 m.

Color: black
Material: acrylic,ABS plastic, copper cap, magnetic needle
Accuracy: +-1°p
Carrying method: key ring
Display mode: pointer type
Size: 46*46*16 mm(approx)
Weight: 25 g


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