Com & Nav

Communication and navigation.

Don't be lost in unknown terrain. For your safety always know where you are. Find simple and safe way how to come back to civilization. Here you can find basic tools for communication, navigation and easy orientation.

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Tactical Pace Count Beads

Price €7.95

SKU: pace_count_beads

Nitecore NWS10

Price €22.50

Signal Mirror StarFlash Micro

Price €4.50

SKU: mirror_micro

Tactical Pen

Price €8.50
Tactical Pen Sminiker Professional for self defense.

SKU: pen_tac_01

Fenix NW20 Emergency Whistle

Price €22.95

SKU: whistle_fenix_nw20

Rothco Dog Tag Signal Mirror

Price €5.79

SKU: mirror_dog_tag

ROTHCO Survival 6 in 1 Whistle Kit

Price €7.95

SKU: whistle_6in1


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