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Fire Starter


Exotac Nanostriker Fire Starter - collapsible self-contained fire starter.



Exotac set out to create a product that is high quality, ultra-small in size and completely self-contained.  The nanoSTRIKER is the result.  Sacrificing neither form nor function, its unique all-in-one design puts all the tools you need to start a fire into one tiny package.  At the end of the day, this little tool can be collapsed and returned to key-chain ballast duty.

The striker contains an ultra-sharp tungsten carbide insert for maximum sparks.

Ferrocerium fire starters work best with tinder materials that contain large surface areas: dry grasses, wood shavings, cotton balls, dry leaves, clothing lint, etc.  Using a tinder material of your choosing, create a loose tinder bundle to catch the sparks from the ferro rod.  Wrap the included lanyard around a few fingers to secure the striker handle.  Holding the striking tool at an angle, use moderate pressure to quickly scrape the rod.  The striker should be carving material off the ferrocerium rod.

- Small in size, ultra-portable for keyring and pocket carry.
- Ferrocerium rod works when wet, it can create extremely hot burning metal shavings and sparks ideal for starting fires with flammable tinder rain or shine.
- Anodized 6061 aircraft aluminum alloy body, lightweight and smooth, give you a comfortable hand feeling.
- Stainless steel 440C striker hardened to more than 50HRC,
- Replaceable ferrocerium rod, you can just replace the rod when it is used up.
- Long service life, you can have more than 1000 fire-starting strikes.
- With the flint stone, you can easily start fire in outdoors in the case of without lighter or match.
- Length of ferrocerium rod: 5cm / 1.97 inch, length of striker: 3.5cm / 0.98 inch.
- Rod Diameter: 0.6cm / 0.24 inch
- Total length of starter: 10 cm
- Weight: 26 g

Best Use: Adventures, Backpacking, Camping, Cycling Travel, Hiking


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