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Bonus No. 2 - Preppers magazines and catalogues


Digital Prepper Library



Collection of the most popular prepper literature in digital form.

In this bonus you can find selection of MAGAZINES and trade mark CATALOGUES.

Bonus is digital files with thousands MB of information very useful for every prepper. All Magazines (more then 200 titules) are in PDF. Here at the cover picture you can find complete full editions (Large caps) or just some un-complete years of some magazines with prepper themes.

Magazines are from various countries and languages. Mostly from USA and UK, but also from other countries as Canada, France, Mexico, Australia, Italy, Ireland, Germany, South Africa, New Zealand, etc.

More then 270 GB of information. More then 6 200 magazines.

Magazines cover some of the interesting fields for preppers such is outdoor, survival, bushcraft, guns, shooting, hunting, fishing, camping, prepping, tactical gear, knives, bows, reloading, military, martial arts, etc.

We do not resell any of these magazines. This whole content is for FREE!

You pay only for 2 USB KEYs (128 GB). However this bonus is available only if you buy some of the EDC kits.


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