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Butane Gas Lighter


Butane Gas Lighter



Elegant Cigarette Lighter Square shape.

Made of high quality metal material and precision machining, which has the characteristics of strong, durable and uneasy to rust, has long service life.
Useful mini lighter, all metal construction and windproof design works virtually anywhere.
Exquisite workmanship, feel comfortable, open the sound crisp, it is a very attractive lighter can be used as a collection.
Refillable, use the same way as ordinary gas lighters.
Various colors, cool colors and smooth texture make this lighter more upscale, which is both fashionable and practical.
It comes with enough capacity to storage the Butane gas, very tiny but sturdy, it is a useful Butane gas lighter.
Mini size for portable to carry outdoor, multifunctional and easy to operate, it is good for outdoor survival, camping, fishing, hiking, adventure, etc.
Portable, durable, lightweight, windproof

Fuel: Butane gas
Material: Metal
Color: Gold, Silver, Gray
Size: 83x13x13 mm
Weight: 40g

Note: Due to air mail regulation for safety reason, lighter must be empty.
Butane gas need to be added by the buyer himself.  


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