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BUDK M48 Whistle 3-in-1


BUDK M48 Whistle 3-in-1



This M48 3-in-1 survival tool is the perfect companion for hikers, campers and hunters alike.
It features ABS construction with a metal neck lanyard so it won't get lost on your trip.
Each tool offers a magnesium fire starter for creating fires without a match.
Not only will a fire started with your survival tool keep you warm, but adding green tinder to the fire will also make a thick black smoke that is useful in signaling for help.
It also offers a magnetic compass so you can find your way out when lost. An extremely loud whistle is built in to the end of the tool for long distance signaling.
The whistle can be heard at distances much further than the shouting of a human voice.

Functions: Whistle, Magnesium rod with Striker, Compass
Material: ABS
Color: Black
Dimensions: 102x17x15 mm
Magnesium stick: 36x5,5 mm
Weight: 24 g


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