Mini keychain light

Today production of key chain type of lights is way much better then in the past. New LED technology and miniaturization reach high level of efficiency. Some mini key chain lights are today more effective and stronger then some regular pocket flashlights.

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Mini LED Flashlight

Price €24.95

SKU: light_keychain_mini_xpe2

Mini Flashlight Xanes

Price €5.95

SKU: light_keychain_xanes

Keychain Flashlight SkyWolfEye

Price €4.95

SKU: light_keychain_swe

2-in-1 Mini Keychain Flashlight

Price €3.95
2 in 1 Mini Keychain Flashlight and Laser pointer

SKU: light_keychain_2in1

Nitecore Tube v2.0

Price €13.95

SKU: light_keychain_nitecore

TrustFire Mini2 flashlight

Price €17.95

SKU: light_trustfire_mini2


Price €14.95

SKU: tool_crkt_torx

Multi tool pliers 9-in-1

Price €9.95

SKU: tool_pliers_9in1

Manicure Multi Tool

Price €14.95

SKU: clippers_tool_noname

Multi functional Carabiner with Light

Price €9.95

SKU: tool_carabiner_torch

Keychain mini light

Price €4.50

SKU: light_keychain_01_mini


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