Candle making for preppers

Candle making for preppers

Candle making can be a valuable skill for preppers, especially in a SHTF scenario where power outages or limited access to electricity are common. Here's why candle making is beneficial for preppers:

1.    Light Source: Candles provide a reliable and portable source of light when electricity is unavailable. They can illuminate a room or provide light for activities such as cooking, reading, or navigating in the dark. Having the ability to create your own candles ensures that you can maintain a light source for extended periods.

2.    Emergency Preparedness: Preppers prioritize being self-sufficient and prepared for emergencies. By knowing how to make candles, you can stock up on the necessary materials like wax, wicks, and containers, ensuring you have a supply of candles ready to use during a crisis. This preparedness extends to situations where access to essential supplies may be limited.

3.    Alternative Heat Source: Candles also generate a modest amount of heat, which can be beneficial during colder climates or when other heating sources are unavailable. While candles alone may not provide sufficient warmth in extreme conditions, they can contribute to maintaining a more comfortable environment.

4.    Bartering and Trade: In a SHTF scenario, traditional means of exchange may become less reliable. Candles can serve as valuable bartering items, especially if they are in short supply. Being able to produce candles can give you an item of value to trade with others for necessary supplies or services.

5.    Mood and Comfort: SHTF scenarios can be stressful and emotionally draining. During stressful situations, having a soothing and calming environment is essential for mental well-being. Candles not only provide light but also offer a sense of comfort and security. Candles can create a cozy and comforting atmosphere, helping to alleviate stress and anxiety. Additionally, the soft glow of candles can positively impact mood and morale, especially when living in challenging conditions.

6.    DIY and Cost-Effective: Making your own candles allows you to customize their size, shape, color, and scent according to your preferences and needs. Preppers can tailor to suit their specific needs. For instance, they can create scented candles to help mask unpleasant odors or opt for longer-burning candles to extend their usefulness. It can be a cost-effective alternative to purchasing commercially made candles. With proper knowledge and practice, you can save money by reusing materials or repurposing leftover candle wax.

7.    Creative Outlet: Candle making can also be an enjoyable hobby and creative outlet. Experimenting with different types of waxes, scents, and molds can be a source of relaxation and a way to express your creativity. This skill can also be shared and taught to others in your prepper community, promoting a sense of camaraderie and skill-sharing.

8.    Self-sufficiency: Candle making aligns with the prepper’s philosophy of self-sufficiency. By learning this skill, preppers reduce their dependence on external resources and increase their ability to survive in challenging situations.

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However, it's essential for preppers to remember a few key points:

·        Practice and Skill Development: Preppers should practice candle making before a crisis occurs to ensure they can produce effective and safe candles when needed. You can study books about candle making, you can watch instructional videos on YT, or you can learn directly from your local masters, workshops or courses.

·        Safe Storage: Properly store the necessary materials for candle making to prevent degradation over time and ensure they remain usable during emergencies.

·        Fire Safety: While candles are useful, they also pose fire risks. Preppers should be mindful of safety measures and have fire extinguishing tools readily available.

Overall, candle making can be a valuable addition to a prepper's skillset, providing them with a practical and versatile solution for lighting needs during emergencies.

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