Prepping Basics

Prepping Basics

Here you will find various articles in which you will learn about the basics of prepping. All about proper planning, gathering and stocking items for long time to be ready for the worst but also about gaining new knowledge and learning of new skills.

The English word prepping means preparing in advance for something or an event. Prepping itself - the preparation consists of several phases, which can take place either independently or in parallel.

1. Planning

The first phase of prepping should be Planning. Not every prepper has the same reasons why he chose to be a prepper. Different preppers are therefore preparing for different events. Some are preparing for various natural disasters, others for various social changes, riots, war conflicts, etc.

2. Gathering, stockpiling

The next phase of preparation is to gather the things needed to survive the events for which the prepper is preparing.

3. Educating, getting skills

At the same time, another phase of preparation can take place, namely education, improvement in certain fields and activities for which the prepper is preparing, and it is assumed that knowledge of such activities could facilitate or even save his life.

I believe this is the most important phase of preppig. Getting new knowledge, keeping them by regular training  is the best way to be ready for disaster. You can break or lost or can be stolen any of your gear or tools but your knowledge in your brain is forever.

Therefore, here you will find various articles in which you will learn about the basics of prepping.

General Preparedness Plan in 10 steps.

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Planning in the prepping is crucial. Without propper planning you will not get success you will nor survive.  The main goal for every prepper is to survive...